Important Contest Information

2018 Contest Information

Ten Grands Opportunity Returns!

State contest participants that take 1st, 2nd or 3rd will have an amazing opportunity to be part of this amazing show at Benaroya Hall in Seattle on May 12th. Due to the timing of the event, however, a pre-commitment is required. Please click the link below to access information and the commitment application. Please hand all three pages to your region contest winners, 1st and 2nd alternates. This is our sixth year of partnership, forged to showcase some of our state’s amazing high school soloists and ensembles from music programs across our state. Why not yours?
For information and application, click here: TEN GRANDS INFO AND COMMITMENT FORM

Solo Category Scheduling Assignments---Saturday, April 28

While our schedule won’t be announced until the first week of April, in case it helps with your “what if” planning, I am providing a grid now that displays when solo categories will be scheduled this year. To access the AM/PM category assignments, click here: SOLO CONTEST CATEGORY SCHEDULE 2018

Please note that Friday’s ensembles always remain the same each year: small ensembles scheduled between 8:00 and noon, large ensembles between 1:00 and 5:00. The exception will continue to be Guitar Ensembles which will be combined with Guitar Solos on Saturday. Our new Mariachi Ensemble category will join other ensembles scheduled on Friday.

Percussion Solo and Ensemble Equipment

To access the list of equipment that will be provided by Central Washington University for use by scheduled percussion category soloists and ensemble members, click here: 2018 PERCUSSION EQUIPMENT

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