2016 WIAA/WMEA State Solo and Ensemble Contest, April 29 and 30,
Central Washington University

Q. When will the schedule for the state contest be posted on the WMEA website?
A. During the first week of April.

Q. Is there a participation fee?  A. Yes, there is a $30 per entry fee that will be charged. WIAA will send an invoice to each participating school after the event.

Q. What should I do if I find out I will not be able to participate?
A. Tell your school music teacher, and make sure they contact WMEA immediately. Only by doing so will the next most deserving student or group have the opportunity.

Q. What time does the event begin?
A. On Friday, the first ensembles will play at 8:00 am. On Saturday, the first solos will play at 8:00 am. Performances end by 5:00 pm each day. The awards ceremony follows the conclusion of performances each day.

Q. Do I have to play the same instrument, sing in the same voice category as I did at my regional event?
A. You must perform in the same category. In a hyphenated category for example, if you played piccolo at your regional event, you must play piccolo at state---you cannot switch to flute. You certainly may purchase or borrow a new piccolo, but you must maintain the same category you qualified in.

Q. Do participants have to perform the same music at state as was done in the regional contest?

A. No–they can change music as long as it’s not something anyone involved has ever performed at state before.

Q. If a student moves, or is lost due to injury, can’t make it, can I replace him/her in an ensemble?
A. No replacements are allowed. A large ensemble may still participate as long as the category/division does not change. Call to be sure.

Q. May we add a new member to an ensemble?
A. No–there can be no additions or substitutions of any personnel.

Q. May I request a specific performance time, or particular time of day?
A. No–the rules prohibit taking any requests for any reason.

Q. Can I use a different accompanist at state from the one I used in the regional?
A. If an instrumental ensemble, the accompanist must be a student meeting all eligibility requirements and cannot change. For all other entries other than instrumental ensembles the answer is yes–the accompanist can change. We cannot, however, change the schedule once done if a conflict is then created. If you do change accompanists prior to the schedule being released, call us right away.

Q. Is there a concert at the end of the day?
A. No - each solo and ensemble is its own concert. There is an awards ceremony at the end of the day. There is no cost for the awards ceremony.

Q. What should I do if I am uncertain of the copyright status of my music, and when?
A. Call the WMEA office immediately. Waiting until the day of your performance is too late to determine whether you are following copyright guidelines.

Q. What happens if I don’t provide the required number of originals of my music?
A. You will not be eligible for medal consideration.

When in doubt, call the WMEA office immediately.

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