2021 Honor Group Auditions Postponed to Future Date

Due to complications with many schools around the Northwest opening remotely, thus suspending in person connections with music students this fall, the opening of the All Northwest and Washington All-State audition window scheduled for September 1st has been postponed. Please continue to monitor this website as we will announce the new schedule here.

Click the links for audition materials for 2021 HS All-Northwest and 2021 Jr All-State .

Music classes are a welcoming and inclusive school community that emphasizes teamwork and positive self-expression. With all of the uncertainty and trauma in our world at this time, it is essential to the social and emotional well-being of our students that this community stays intact. If cuts are made, it will take years for our music programs to recover, and our students will be deprived of an activity that connects them to school and to each other, during a time of isolation and crisis. Now more than ever, schools must offer stability, inspiration, and a framework of support that will enable students to thrive. Music education fosters character development and learning in creativity, literacy, cooperation, teamwork, and humanity. For many students, music is a lifeline in times of trouble

Guidance for returning to high school marching band. Any activities are subject to state and district regulations regarding social distancing.

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Check out the Virtual Band Experiment . (note: All Washington Music Educators)

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