Advocacy Issues Submission Form


Greetings to all WMEA members,

The WMEA Advocacy Committee is anxious to hear from the membership about the concerns they would like to have addressed. To help the WMEA Board and the Advocacy Committee determine which issues are important to the membership, we have developed a structure which permits any member to make a proposal for consideration.

It’s simple; please take a few minutes to fill in the form below with your concerns and then submit them for consideration.

Dan Wing, President-Elect
Washington Music Educators Association


Submit your proposal(s) to your regional president by the year's final regional business meeting.



Submit your proposal(s) directly to the WMEA President by July 1 of the calendar year.


  1. At the regional meeting, the region should prioritize the proposals so that the regional president can present the proposal(s) to the State Assembly (attend the meeting!).
  2. The regional president is to submit the region's prioritized list to the WMEA President by July 1.
  3. The WMEA President will submit proposals to the WMEA State Assembly delegates by August 1.
  4. All proposals are considered by the State Assembly.
  5. The State Assembly rates the top 10 proposals in priority order and submits them to the WMEA Executive Board for final approval in August. This allows the Advocacy Committee to begin planning the year’s advocacy events in September.


  1. These adopted proposals will guide the WMEA leadership, staff and Advocacy Committee in working with the Legislature, OSPI, Sate Board of Education, Local School Boards and School Administrators on education issues.
  2. It is understood that events may require adjustment of these priorities at any time. Any changes should involve the same participants.

If you choose the Track 1 option, download and complete the pdf of the Submission Form and return it to your regional president.

If you choose the Track 2 option,  fill out the fields below and select SUBMIT.


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* = required field

* Date
* WMEA Member's Name
* School/City
* email
I am submitting the following topic(s) that I believe should be considered for advocacy priorities for the upcoming school year. (You may use single words or a BRIEF sentence to describe each topic.)

* Topics

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Metropolitan Music Services
Arts Education Washington
Hall of Fame
Ted Brown Music
All Northwest
JW Pepper