2021 WMEA All-State

Congratulations to all students and their teachers who have been selected for a 2021 all-state honor group! All students who applied are to be commended for your work and effort in this most challenging school year. For those who were not selected, our hope is that you will try again next year.

Here is some very important information:

  1. Students who have been selected for the 2021 WMEA High School Concert Band or Orchestra are listed below in three views. (Due to a reduced number of applications received, we have not named a high school Symphonic Choir this year. Students selected for All-Northwest can be found here: https://wmea.org/ardisplay.aspx?ID=313 )
  2. Students who have been selected for a 2021 Junior All-State Honor Group are listed below in three views:
  3. Merchandise is available for purchase from our memorabilia vendor PepWear. All questions regarding merchandise should be sent directly to PepWear, not WMEA.
  4. WMEA will be mailing a decal and certificate of congratulations to all accepted students. Items will be mailed to schools in care of teachers. It could take through the end of March for us to complete this task.
  5. Save the date! WMEA will be offering online clinics to all students who submitted auditions this year, whether accepted or not, on Saturday, April 24th. More information will be emailed to teachers as we get closer to April.

Congratulations to our 2021 WMEA All-State Honor Group members!

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