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Advocacy: For more information about music advocacy, follow this link. These groups have great resources that you can use to build a better argument.

Advocacy Contacts: For a list of who to contact with your concerns, follow this link. Use this contact list to make your voice heard.

Facebook/RSS: Like us on Facebook to get the latest updates on our advocacy programs and outreach. Feel free to share your advocacy stories on our page. You never know, your experiences may help teachers across the state.

Quotes: This link will give you an arsenal of advocacy quotes to help you make your case. Use them in parent communications, staff memos and concert programs to reach a wide audience.

Music Matters License Plate: Do you need to earn more money for your school’s music program? Follow this link to learn about our Music Matters license plates.

Shopping for YME: The Young Musicians Excelling Fund needs you! To learn more about how your everyday shopping can make a difference in the life of a young musician, follow this link.

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