Washington Music Educators Association
Strategic Plan
Updated August 2019

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To support music educators in an effort to ensure that every student in Washington State has access to a comprehensive, sequential music education taught by a highly qualified and certified teacher.


Empowering generations to create, perform, respond and connect to music, through an understanding that a comprehensive music education is a critical component of a basic education for all students.


Opportunity: Music is for all. Students must have an opportunity to learn and participate in the joy and power that music education brings in uplifting the human spirit and fostering the well-being of society. Music education provides students with character development and learning in creativity, literacy, cooperation, teamwork and humanity.
Service: Music educators have a responsibility to contribute to the profession by giving their time, talents, and resources. Our leadership structure fosters a culture of volunteerism and empowerment.
Diversity: Our profession represents and serves the wide spectrum of people, including all cultures, abilities, socio-economic backgrounds and gender identities in every part of Washington State.
Professionalism: A well-prepared music educator who meets the highest professional standards is critical to providing students with a comprehensive, balanced and sequential course of study in music.

Strategic Directions

Serving the Profession

Engage music educators in association programs, projects, events, and professional development opportunities that serve their needs, and the needs of their students and the profession.
  • Strengthen partnerships with national, state, and local music, arts and other affiliate organizations.
  • Provide dynamic and effective resources, materials, publications and learning opportunities.
  • Facilitate implementation of the National Standards and state assessments.
  • Maintain the vitality of the profession by recruiting and retaining quality music educators, and empowering teachers to lead.


Advance music education by encouraging the study and making of music by all students in Washington, regardless of demographic.
  • Conduct research to identify barriers causing a disparity in access to high quality music education programs.
  • Work with teachers, parents, school administrators and policymakers to adapt existing programs and develop new curricula that will better serve populations that have not historically been well represented in traditional music programs.
  • Broaden diversity within the profession by encouraging students from all cultural, socio-economic, and geographic backgrounds to consider a career pathway in music education.


Inform and activate the public, policymakers and educational leaders to support music as a core subject that must be available to all students as a part of their basic education.
  • Develop and maintain coalitions, alliances, partnerships and sponsorships to advance music education.
  • Influence the legislative and regulatory process to support music education, to ensure that State and District graduation requirements shall afford the opportunity for students to be enrolled in music each year.
  • Compel state and district decision makers to prioritize the hire of highly effective and certified music educators for all K-12 music positions.

Organizational Vitality

Serve the needs of members through sound fiscal practices and effective organizational management.
  • Build and maintain a digital presence to effectively communicate with our membership and manage data with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Increase membership and engagement with the community.
  • Exemplify our mission, vision and values in all programs, projects and communications.
  • Practice responsible stewardship of our financial and human resources, fostering a culture of transparency, collaboration and harmony.
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